Culturescape - A 3D Interactive Project

Initial Mind Map to plan interconnected areas of the final 3D space.


This image from a Baroque print was given to
me as a starting image to be used as a texture
map for the 3D "landscape."


The next five images are the deconstruction of
the above image to serve as texures for time
period "pods."






After manipulating the surfaces into 3D landscape forms I began naming and populating the time period pods.




This is a 2D texture that was mapped to a 3D form. The texture is based on a rubbing taken from a stone in Ireland.
The 3D interactive object acts as a hyperlink that opens a page of text and images that further describe the artwork
of the place and period.



Here the map is growing horizontally and vertically. More architectural elements are placed in the culturescape.



The example on the left is from an Medieval text. The image on the right is my interpretation of the left image in 3D.
The text is the original description of a Wake Induced Lucid Dream vision. In the final interactive file you can move
around the object and only the interior of the egg shape is ever visible. The backface (facing the viewer) is
culled/invisible. The virtual object is a hyperlink to a web page describing the Medieval period.




The Duomo in Florence, Italy. A basic 3D model I created using a variety of photo references.


Bernini's Exstacy of St. Terrese on the left, and my 3D "cartoon" sketch of it.
Not an easy task since all my reference photos are from the front view.



An overview of the main section of the timeline. In addition to the architectural elements that hyperlink to web pages
there are red octohedrons in various places throughout the landscape for web pages that did not get 3D models.


The following interactive file is navigated by pointing the virtual camera
with the mouse and using the WADX keys to move forwards, backwards,
right, left. ZC to move up down. The S is to return to the origin point.

Download 14MB Culturescape Art History Timeline Interactive EXE