3D Models, Texture Mapping, and Lighting


        A copper bottle with box.



       Logo Design



       3D Models of a Seating Bench and a Horse Drawn Wagon Using a Toon Shader






A 3D rebuild visualization of Castle d'Aguilar in southern France created for a client.




Cleveland Ohio Trinity Cathedral Lighting Study


       A Goldfish (In Progress)




       Patent Drawings for Airspace Filtration







       Logo Design



       American Zen Mine Doors






      Ohio City House Renovation Visualization



    Wheelchair seat back for Invacare. Illustration of a specialty heat disipating fabric.





    Photo of an instructional aid for a HVAC training school.



    My 3D build of the instructional aid.




      HVAC Air Flow Balancing Hood



      Balance Hood AVI





      HVAC Air Heating Coil




      HVAC Air Pressure Measururment





      Materials and 3D Model for HVAC Training and eLearning








      Materials and 3D Model Illustrating Enthalpy






      Materials and 3D Model for Culturescape Project for Dr. Charlie Bewrgengren at The Cleveland Institute of Art














          Gallery Installation Proposal




    Still Life With Dead Penguin - Summer 2008





      Personal Exploration and Challenges in 3D Materials, Textures, and Modeling. (Pre-2005)














    Two Laquerware Vessel Designs