Links to large Quest3D files.

Navigation of the 3D simulation space is achieved by using a computer
mouse for rotaion of the virtual camera, the right mouse button for
movement forwards, the left mouse button for backwards.

An Environment of InFlowential Messengers

Presentation kiosk design with semitransparent scrim.


A 3D interactive presentation of photographs placed in a simulation environment.

The photos were taken at The Intergenerational School in Cleveland Ohio.

This was a professional partnership project in partial fulfillment of MFA requiremnts
at The Cleveland Institute of Art during the summer of 2007.

Download 77MB An Environment of Inflowential Messengers RAR


MFA Thesis Project - Hydrogen One




Download 53MB MFA Thesis Environment Hydrogen One RAR


MFA Thesis Project - QwarkOne




Download 24MB MFA Thesis Environment Qwark One RAR